Social Innovation

wbii workspaceWhat can one person do to make a difference? Take action and you will see that you can truly make a difference. Simply by taking a stand, others gain the confidence to take action. Social Entrepreneurship is about bring people together and leveraging the collective resources, human and material. The momentum of change is The Force to be reckoned with! Be Brave! Be Visible! Be the Change!

Suzy Oge is passionate about initiating social change, particularly in the area of Inclusion. Suzy is actively working to promote the inclusion of women in the professional world in the Netherlands, where the participation of Dutch women in business significantly lags behind the rest of Europe and much of the world. All of her initiatives also address integration and strive for participation of diverse nationalities.

In 2005, Suzy founded the Women’s Business Initiative International, an incubator and business center for Entrepreneurial Women.

In 2007 Suzy created and launched, Your Future Today- Young Women’s Career Empowerment Program, an event to spark ambition in young women as they begin their career. She has recently joined the Board of Imagyne Productions, a Dutch- based foundation producing independent films on social issues.